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Dual Language

Our Language Philosophy

Avon Elementary School is a community of language learners. We use English and Spanish languages as a medium of inquiry, providing opportunities to challenge, nurture and develop speakers of two languages. We integrate language instruction throughout all of our curriculum. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are integrated throughout all the transdisciplinary programs of inquiry. We view the ongoing language development for all students as a collaborative endeavor involving  all staff members, students and parents.

Learning language is integral to the development of personal, cognitive, social and cultural identity, and to make meaning of the world around us. We value students’ mother tongues and believe their background knowledge and experiences can support academic success.

Benefits of Bilingualism


  • Heightened ability to monitor the environment 
  • Cultural awareness-international mindedness


  • Strengthens cognitive muscles
  • Sensory processing improves
  • Improved metalinguistic awareness
  • Better memory
  • Better visual spatial skills
  • Improved creativity
  • Improved attention to detail
  • Increase grey matter of your brain
  • Quicker process information
  • Shielding against dementia

Factors for Learning a Language

  • Personality
  • Risk-taker
  • Social
  • Shy
  • Siblings?
  • Focused for learning
  • Interest in music
  • Personal ownership for learning
  • They feel safe and secure in their learning environment
  • Pre-literacy/literacy skills
  • Read to them every night
  • Storytelling at home
  • Discuss what happens at school
  • Use of the other language at home
  • Parents’ enthusiasm and support for the second language learning
  • Are parents learning as well?
  • Are there models with whom they can practice the language being learned?

50% - 50% Model

  • 50% English-language instruction
  • 50% Spanish-language instruction
  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening domains taught through literacy, social studies, science throughout the day
  • Math – students receive one week of English-language instruction, and one week of Spanish-language instruction
  • Specials – counseling is taught in Spanish; art, music and P.E., and technology are taught in English